Intelligence and Data Analysis

Samaia IT Case Management provides a comprehensive platform for managing Investigative Cases, with integrated to Processes and Protocols implementation, in a secure and agile manner.

Samaia IT

Samaia IT Case Management offers extensive capabilities for managing electronic documents and keeping track of content lifecycle through its natural ability in organizing and administering workflows, interactions and tasks in an investigation. Collaboration is focused on secure content sharing and strong rules for defining information and content access.

Documents, Content, Workflows, Team Assignment, Activities and Tasks.

Execute tasks, attach documents, find evidences and monitor work team performance – all of this integrated to market’s lead platforms.

Samaia IT Case Management

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Simple and Functional

Our process for Investigative Analysis involves that key points: Criminal Cases, Targets of Investigation, Milestones, Workflows (BPM) End-to-end content lifecycle management from creation to archiving, Research Teams, Task Control Center, Documents Management, Centralized Data Repository, Audio Transcription.


Case creation
Staff allocation
Share data and resources among cases


Creates Investigative cases, teams and profiles, distributes tasks and establishes milestones and objectives
Search and compare content with investigator/analyst profile
Task list and Markers to be achieved
Search and Archiving of cases and contents


Task management
Process Automatization
Support through the Task Center and team of analysts/leader
Archiving of seized items, monitoring of data sources for Analytical tool


Via profile and users
According to the profile
Responsive Website
Analytical Intelligence Repository (BIG DATA)

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